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This will, hopefully, become a little corner of the internet where I can share my thoughts and feelings and, perhaps, make a little bit of a positive change in the world – whether by bringing some light into life or offering a new perspective.

Please feel free to look through my musings and comment. I welcome both constructive arguments and kind agreement for, the more we talk the more we can learn and the more we discuss the more we see.


So, who am I?

Truth be told I’m still learning some of that myself. A year ago I would never have imagined I’d feel strongly enough about something to want to post it online but here I am.

I’m a man who spent much of his youth hiding away from the world but has slowly ‘woken up’ to find that the world looks vastly different to what I imagined it would.

I live in the UK and love my home for the wonderful countryside and colourful tapestry of its history. Most of all it’s the life that fills this lovely land, from the pounding waves of the coast through the ancient forest roots to the echos of past footsteps in ancient buildings. It’s a land of living history born from the lives of every farmer and labourer and rising up through every royal and lord.

There used to be a belief in ancient times that kings were tied to the life of the land – responsible for the lives of everyone and everything they were ruler of. It’s a belief I love the idea of and one I feel still applies today in each of our lives, whether we’re king just over ourselves or landlords watching over tenants and property or farmers who represents vast fields and herds of sheep.

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