The Sound of Harmony in Crisis

Once again a post by Kylara ( ) has focused my thoughts in my own writing.


Now is probably one of the hardest things we, as a world community, will ever face together. A crisis reaching into every part of our personal lives, not just out and about but finding its way into our very homes.

It’s scary I know. I feel scared as well., and yet there is light here too.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

A couple of days ago the NHS in the UK asked for volunteers to help with various things like delivering medicines and driving people to hospital ( ) and the number volunteering was already over 500,000 by yesterday; One of my neighbours has organised for us all to share phone numbers so that none of us are left alone and vulnerable and I have found that my offers of getting shopping for my customers have been almost universaly turned down because their neighbourhoods and families are reaching out to each other to make sure no-one is left without. All of these are quiet but powerful beacons of hope.

Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

For all the times I’ve mourned the harshness of our madcap, isolated and selfish rush to keep afloat in today’s life, this dark time has reminded me of something special that we tend to bury deep or miss in the normal rush:- We have the strength to care. To reach out as much because we know fear and that others will be facing it too and need our help.

So, each vision I get of this new, quieter, world, I’ll see more than huddled houses standing alone. For we stand as a community pulling together even when we must hold apart.

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