The Future…

… or The Past?

Where to after Black Lives Matter?

Image by Kim Broomhall from Pixabay

Final ammendum – My views from this post have changed somewhat. You can see these thoughts and changes on this post ( )

I have added to this post to include information and links offered in regards to plans for policing reform and defunding( these are at the bottom and I strongly recommend taking the time to read them ). I should add that I am not altering the main post because I still feel others will be struggling as I have, not always because of what’s happening but because of what we DON’T SEE is happening

Of late I’ve found myself more and more struggling to support the protests the way I did before – not because our ideals differ, but because a protest that appears to only want to tear down the bad from the past can miss the oportunity to build brightness in the future.

Threatening to tear down statues that commemorate the past or police who are meant to protect the innocent scares people and, more so, tears out the good that was done by people who were also bad and allows criminals space to do bad things.
That’s not to say the people whos statues are threatened weren’t bad ( frankly I can’t judge given my limited knowledge ) but, for instance, for all that Baden Powell has a dark side, the fact that the Scouts have been a force for good at times can’t be denied either. And, unless something else is ready to replace it, police can’t be disbanded without fear and the risk of another danger.


But I agree, change MUST happen

No doubt some people reading this will be seething, thinking that I have no idea of what they’ve faced and such. My hands are up, I admit it, I don’t have a clue; I was born lucky in my gender and skin tone and only had to deal with ordinary bullying. I don’t have a culture that’s being crushed, nor fear when I wake ( any more ), not even a question of what people think when they look at me or if they might hurt me. I certainly can’t say how hard it is to change things, how many scars will never heal and how deep prejudices are ingrained..

But I love this world; I love the life and the wonder.., and I love the people. People who can dream and hope and build.
Most of all, I hope. I hope for a bright tomorrow where people hear, and see, and dream together.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

In hoping, I wonder what would happen if, instead of fighting by tearing down we fought by building up.
Fighting by showing rules which will create a corruption free police ( I will add that I have been given some links to such aims for positive reform by people involved and I’ve added them at the bottom of this post ). Fighting by raising statues to  William Wilberforce or the  West Africa Squadron or the hundreds of other people who fought against slavery or for equality. Fighting by bringing people together who don’t know pain like you do, and haven’t the bravery to face fear like you’ve had to.

And I don’t know if people will react good or bad to me saying this, or what obstacles are in the way, but I’d rather shout for hope ( in my small way ) than stay silent and never know if such a future as I imagine can come to be.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

So, yes, fight and shout and raze the walls to the ground to stop injustice and prejudice. Make the ground shake and tell the world, “We matter!”
But don’t stop there. When the dust has settled the hardest part begins – The bridges that must be built; the lights that must be shone; the memories that need to be seen, from the light and the dark, so we learn how to deal with those situations when we meet them again, tomorrow.

List of links regarding aims for positive police reform/defunding –

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