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Reason To Believe — The Sound Hole

Ignore the 70s hair… “If I listened long enough to you, I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true…knowing that you lied…straight-faced while I cried…still I look to find a reason to believe.” Those lyrics always spoke to me, spoke to me about betrayal, about the reality of people knowing they lied, and […]

Reason To Believe — The Sound Hole

This post by Annzimmerman ( ) resonated with me. It describes much of how it looks to me that things are going and how easy it is for people who are generally good to end up scared, angry and easily guided to find someone ‘different’ to blame. I would extend that beyond just black/white as there have been many similar times, from gentlemen/labourers, rich/poor to jews/non jews and many more.
This article also points to several difficult answers, notably taking responsibility and having communication without denial or blame.
In that vein I would really like for you to comment, whether to disagree or agree, and to give some thoughts on where this leads you or why you think as you do. It would be nice to share views and learn.

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