Words have Power

Ok, so I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise to most people reading this but, as the title suggests, I feel that words have power.

I know, it’s quite a well understood point but I feel it’s one we need to stop and think about every so often.. It’s certainly been one which seems to have come to mind from several places for me recently ( which appears to be becoming a common thing with my blogging ).

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

As I’m sure many of you know as well as I do words can cut and leave scars, they can heal and bring joy, they can give life to new possibilities and ideas and, in extreme cases, they can even cause death. Which is why I feel it’s a point worth going back to, especially in this, a time when people post advice online which can be dangerous, stupid or even malicious, and all with the safety of distance.

It is, after all, easy to say things without thinking or taking the time to be aware ( I’ll be honest, even though I ended up in an awful state due to such things, there have still been plenty of times when I’ve spoken without thought and caused hurt I would rather that I hadn’t ). It’s especially hard when you think of how much words come into our lives both in the usual form and in the symbols which express a word; every song; every voice on tv; every book or blog; every symbol on a road or emoji; even the unspoken words and harsh silences, thoughts in our minds and echoes of words long forgotten by the speaker. All these things are like ripples in our lives, having affects on others and ourselves which we may never be fully aware of.


For me there has been a lifetime of words and actions echoing in my head, telling me I’m no good. Words I’ve spent each day learning to rise a little higher above but which still faintly cry at the back of my mind, like sirens summoning me to the jagged rocks of despair and defeat.

For others these words can be like dark whirlpools or pits of snakes, so dangerous are they. For still more there are times when they act like chains and anchors – names and titles which they want to fight desperately to rid themselves of or feel they must struggle to be worthy of.

Worse still is the fact that these colour each other no matter how far apart in time and space. A harsh word may mean nothing to you but, to someone who’s had a hundred harsh words thrown at them, it can be like a mountain of hate hitting them.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

So, every time you write a word or make a sound, every action you do or expression you show, try to remember that those will leave a ripple over the lives of those they touch.

And for those out there, like me, who still feel the pain of words long gone and have it colour their lives, try to hold on to the knowledge that those words were offered without full thought or care by people who never took the time to see who you were. Because, if they had, they would have seen the bright flower inside you that was too beautiful to go trampling on.

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