Everyday hero

Do you ever look at your life and realise you’re standing there doing things, just thinking you have to because there’s no one else? You find yourself on that horse with bright shining sword thinking, “well the real hero’s not here yet but someone’s got to go out and hold off that army until theyContinue reading “Everyday hero”

The Rights of ‘We The People’

Wade vs Roe has me really angry and disappointed.
Our governments have a responsibility to protect the freedom of their citizens.
It doesn’t matter if the constitution is vague, to remove the freedom of any individual is to remove their liberty. That’s it. Final.

Night Musings

Trigger warning: A reference to self harm, spouse beating and drug use is included It’s been a long time since I wrote. I guess I feel like my opinions don’t fit with the world today. I don’t know anymore. I’ve taken to avoiding news stories and political sites because I’m not sure if I’m evenContinue reading “Night Musings”

Feeling Low

Trigger warning – I talk about feelings which come close to depression When you feel like everything you touch gets broken. When you worry that every word you speak comes out confused and wrong. When all you feel you’re leaving behind is dust. When you want to just close your eyes and hope to fadeContinue reading “Feeling Low”

Life as a box

I’ve run across a couple of really thought provoking posts recently. Both of them left me thinking about how we view normal in our society.I’m not really good with people myself and have a hard time controlling myself to not say or do something stupid when in a community setting. It can be draining, depressingContinue reading “Life as a box”

World Changing, Climate Breaking

So, there’s a new report out on climate change, one even stronger than ever with results even more dire and note worthy. It comes on the heels of news of devastating fires in Greece & ever worse fires breaking out from year to year in parts of the US and Australia. A quick flick throughContinue reading “World Changing, Climate Breaking”

Remembering the Heroes

Monday marks the end of the lockdown rules. I’m sure most people, if not everyone, will be glad to see the back of masks & isolation. They will jump for joy at not needing to measure the distances between people in queues ( although I have appreciated not feeling so suffocated when people crowd inContinue reading “Remembering the Heroes”

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