A Sparkle of Cultures

Some differences between us are obvious and hardly mean anything at all when it comes to telling us who these people are. I’m thinking skin colour and gender, age and money. Others are so hard to see unless you care enough to look but sing like a bright wonderful choir of people’s hearts and lives.Continue reading “A Sparkle of Cultures”

When Small things are a Giants Touch

I read a post recently ( https://snippetsofsnapdragon.com/2020/09/12/not-just-another-morning/ ) which got me thinking. It was about how we get onto ourselves at times for not being good enough, and about realising that we are, actually, more than good enough. As I say, it got me thinking. Thinking about how we often fail to see our ownContinue reading “When Small things are a Giants Touch”

The Path to Loving Yourself

Today I looked at myself and realised I wasn’t the same person I used to be. Well. Actually I’m still the same me that I used to be, but I’m also someone new. Someone I’ve only recently met and am looking forward to getting to know. I got to see me without all the doubtContinue reading “The Path to Loving Yourself”


Six letters, but also one of those BIG scary words.Change can be several things when it gets scary – Someone else’s issue; Too big to do anything about; a dark passage that could lead anywhere and could be as scary as your imagination. Thing is, it can also be magnificent, majestic and all round amazingContinue reading “Change”

Just be kind; It is not difficult — Reblogged from Pointless Overthinking

Hi everyone, I want to talk about some acts of kindness today. Recently, I have been observing some small things that make people happy and this made me think that being kind may not be hard after all. The acts of kindness that I want to talk about today all involve reminding them that you […]Continue reading “Just be kind; It is not difficult — Reblogged from Pointless Overthinking”

Behind the Blogs

I don’t know about anyone else reading this but I find that sometimes I worry about how one dimentional our views of even other humans can easily become at this point in time.I say ‘at this time’ but, for all I know, this time has always existed. It’s very easy to watch people from aContinue reading “Behind the Blogs”

What is Brave?

Am I brave? I read recently a post by someone who didn’t feel themselves brave and was watching others charging at the world and seeing themselves in comparisson ( https://www.facebook.com/The-Voice-Of-Grace-Whispers-In-The-Sand-105104854644749 ). It got me thinking. I have an odd view of bravery, I think. It’s not about the lack of fear because doing something thatContinue reading “What is Brave?”

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