Religious: Scales of Care and Fear

So this post is going to look a bit different to my usual ones. It’s both political and religious, two things I prefer not to write about because of my lack of knowledge, and yet they’re so strong in my heart right now I felt I needed to post this. <0> I guess you couldContinue reading “Religious: Scales of Care and Fear”

Everyday hero

Do you ever look at your life and realise you’re standing there doing things, just thinking you have to because there’s no one else? You find yourself on that horse with bright shining sword thinking, “well the real hero’s not here yet but someone’s got to go out and hold off that army until theyContinue reading “Everyday hero”

Night Musings

Trigger warning: A reference to self harm, spouse beating and drug use is included It’s been a long time since I wrote. I guess I feel like my opinions don’t fit with the world today. I don’t know anymore. I’ve taken to avoiding news stories and political sites because I’m not sure if I’m evenContinue reading “Night Musings”

Feeling Low

Trigger warning – I talk about feelings which come close to depression When you feel like everything you touch gets broken. When you worry that every word you speak comes out confused and wrong. When all you feel you’re leaving behind is dust. When you want to just close your eyes and hope to fadeContinue reading “Feeling Low”

Reason To Believe — The Sound Hole

Ignore the 70s hair… “If I listened long enough to you, I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true…knowing that you lied…straight-faced while I cried…still I look to find a reason to believe.” Those lyrics always spoke to me, spoke to me about betrayal, about the reality of people knowing they lied, and […]Continue reading “Reason To Believe — The Sound Hole”

Being at war.. with ourselves

The barriers of our everyday The world is changing. It’s scary and uncomfortable and I can see so many good things, and bad, being born and dying; Hatreds being faced and destroyed (or fanned up and new born); Fears being cut down (or grown). Yet, nothing truly seems to change. Not here, at the heart.WeContinue reading “Being at war.. with ourselves”

My Grey Shadow – Fear

Trigger warning – This topic includes deep fear, the after affects of bullying, and the fear of living ( may affect those with suicidal thoughts ) I woke afraid this morning. Well, when I say afraid I should explain that I’m using that word to mean something deeper than just the simple worries that manyContinue reading “My Grey Shadow – Fear”

What is Brave?

Am I brave? I read recently a post by someone who didn’t feel themselves brave and was watching others charging at the world and seeing themselves in comparisson ( ). It got me thinking. I have an odd view of bravery, I think. It’s not about the lack of fear because doing something thatContinue reading “What is Brave?”

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