My Grey Shadow – Fear

Trigger warning – This topic includes deep fear, the after affects of bullying, and the fear of living ( may affect those with suicidal thoughts ) I woke afraid this morning. Well, when I say afraid I should explain that I’m using that word to mean something deeper than just the simple worries that manyContinue reading “My Grey Shadow – Fear”

What is Brave?

Am I brave? I read recently a post by someone who didn’t feel themselves brave and was watching others charging at the world and seeing themselves in comparisson ( ). It got me thinking. I have an odd view of bravery, I think. It’s not about the lack of fear because doing something thatContinue reading “What is Brave?”

Loneliness of Living the Mask

The Fear of Showing You I’m trying to learn not to lie. I made a promise you see. It sounds a simple thing I’m sure. I knew it wouldn’t be when I accepted that this is something I would do, but I also didn’t know how many lies I was wrapped in either. I don’tContinue reading “Loneliness of Living the Mask”

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