Life as a box

I’ve run across a couple of really thought provoking posts recently. Both of them left me thinking about how we view normal in our society.I’m not really good with people myself and have a hard time controlling myself to not say or do something stupid when in a community setting. It can be draining, depressingContinue reading “Life as a box”

Reason To Believe — The Sound Hole

Ignore the 70s hair… “If I listened long enough to you, I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true…knowing that you lied…straight-faced while I cried…still I look to find a reason to believe.” Those lyrics always spoke to me, spoke to me about betrayal, about the reality of people knowing they lied, and […]Continue reading “Reason To Believe — The Sound Hole”


In many ways I’m following on from my previous post with this one. I recently came across the opinion, online, that ‘left wing attitudes are wrong because they try to make everyone equal when the truth is that we aren’t all the same and some are weak while others are strong.’ It’s an opinion thatContinue reading “Weak/Strong”

A Sparkle of Cultures

Some differences between us are obvious and hardly mean anything at all when it comes to telling us who these people are. I’m thinking skin colour and gender, age and money. Others are so hard to see unless you care enough to look but sing like a bright wonderful choir of people’s hearts and lives.Continue reading “A Sparkle of Cultures”

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