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Six letters, but also one of those BIG scary words.
Change can be several things when it gets scary – Someone else’s issue; Too big to do anything about; a dark passage that could lead anywhere and could be as scary as your imagination.

Thing is, it can also be magnificent, majestic and all round amazing if you can open up to it and choose to put some of yourself into it.

Right now a lot of people want to change the world, which I think is a great thing. I just hope there’s someone out there also showing people how to accept change in themselves, because, for all the world may seem to be a pyramid controlled from the top, I see it as shaped and changed from the choices of those who form the base of the pyramid.
Let one leader choose a path and it can be changed by the next, but when a whole country of people sees a world another way that change flows into the many tomorrows to come.


I’m going to be a bit controversial here, but I don’t think I can finish this post without doing so.
However, before you read on, I’m going to add that what comes next is said to all, no matter how right or wrong they are or which side of lifes fences they sit on.
This is not a post to say who’s a hero and who’s a villain because no-one believes themselves wrong in life until they look in themselves and, even when we’re right, there can be so much more to learn.

You see, for me, changing this world’s not just about seeing a faceless band of enemies to fight – whether by dint of their colour or banners or opinions – or about shouting loud and hard. That can change today, which can be good, but tomorrow..?

I want more. I want people to look in themselves for the enemy and face it there so that others can see how to do the same.

I want people to look and realise that other people don’t need to be inferior so that they can be superior – the more we raise each other up, the higher we all can reach.

I want people to realise that there’s nothing scary about caring for others or wanting a brighter tomorrow, even when they come with uncertainty and hard work. Doors will close and things may become hard but we can face life together and find new doors, and work, and hope.

I want people to see that objects and ideas don’t, and can’t, define them ( or others ) in either negative or positive ways – whether guns or statues, long held stigmas or handed down beliefs about others, or a hundred other things. I’m not saying the hurt isn’t there, just that those objects aren’t the hurt, safety or protection that they get used as so often, and dealing with or holding onto them isn’t dealing with the depth of what hurts and scares you, and everyone – both those involved AND those watching – need to realise that.
People need to change the staute inside themselves, let go of stereotypes they have of others, stop holding onto fear in weapons and realise that there’s more to see in each other.

Most of all, I want people to realise that each heart is like a reed ( as similarly imagined by the Ancient Greek – Aesop ) – they bend so easily, but for each tied together their strength is increased, until they can be built up to reach the very stars.

Yes, I know some will see this as me wanting to say, “everyone’s ok and we can go back to normal.”


Far from it.
I want things to change, I just want more to change than just the decor.

I don’t want the US police to be reformed better only to slide back over time because people still look at the world the same.
I don’t want a rainforest saved just so someone can decide to bulldoze it in 50 years time.
This isn’t me writing to say don’t rock the boat. It’s me saying, teach everyone to see that they can paddle too because I’m fed up of going in circles.

By all means do what you feel is right, just do it knowing we ALL have to change for life to really change. We have to do it together, as much because of our differences as in spite of them – none of us can change the world alone.


So that’s the scary bit said and maybe even a little anger stoked. I can’t apologise for that – I needed to say it because it feels so important. I’m not expecting to change what people feel is right to do, I just want them to really look as they do what they choose to.

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay

So, who wants to know the bright and lovely part?

Here’s a song some of you will recognise, which says it all –

They all Laughed – Lyrics by George & Ira Gershwin, sung by Tony Benett, posted on Youtube by Reysmusiclounge

And that’s why change is good. From Columbus to the Wright brothers and hundreds of others before and after, change has created thousands of wonders and great beginnings and given this world some wonderful, hopeful and joyous creations, moments, paths and triumphs.
Change has seen people wanting to reach out to the rest of the world and look for more.

We changed the world so we could reach across and hold it, maybe we can change our view so that, one day, we can really see it.

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

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